Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you deal with a wife who is rude and mean to me almost all the time?

Ungrateful and critical of everything I do. I am not perfect, but when I try and do something nice, it is met with loaded questions and sarcasm. Never is it enough. RRRRrrrrgg!How do you deal with a wife who is rude and mean to me almost all the time?
Try counseling.

But I wouldn't get your hopes up. People rarely change for the better, unless they want to, and are able to change. A tall order, that.

A lot of sarcasm, criticism, and unhappiness is a really bad sign. If there are more bad days then good days, and counseling doesn't help, then leave.

A fair amount of women nowadays seem to think it's ok to be emotionally abusive and nasty. They may've grown up in unhappy households themselves, and feel that it's normal.

They know that the law is by and large skewed to favor them, and they take advantage of nice or naive men. They think it's perfectly acceptable to treat their husbands badly.

It's not. Get ready to fix things, or clear out.

Better now than ten years from now. Get a lawyer, and get your life back. You'll be much happier in a few years (or even months) either way.

Tell her also that if she doesn't agree to counseling, you'll leave. Stand your ground and don't be afraid of her reaction (you'll probably know what it's going to be, anyway).How do you deal with a wife who is rude and mean to me almost all the time?
You should ask or tell tell her why she's acting that way. just prepare yourself for her answer. good luck.
ARE YOU TALKING TO ME! just kidding. Im guilty of being a wife too sometimes. and damn i feel sorry for my wonderful husband. but heres how it goes. If you dont do something stupid, you wont hear about it for 3 hours before you go to bed. If you do what i ask you to do the first time. then there is no nagging. We all get to a point where enough is god damn enough. and it sounds like she got here before you did. So now you are right there with her, hating every move she makes. Marriage isnt easy so work harder and make sure she understands your not gonna take her crap all the time.
Make a new plan Sam, slip out the back Jack.........
Why you married such a trophy?Give here back%26gt;It's only going to get worse%26gt;
Tell her to shut the h ell up you b**ch f u and leave tell her you don't have to take this crap from you. Then leave.

I know several guys that used to complain to me about their wife-now exwife because they were like that to him. He's now happily married to another lady.
I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Was she like this before you married her? Are you pulling your weight around the house? She will not change if you let her walk all over you.
What was her childhood like? Did she grow up in a critical home? Sometimes anger from the past can manifest itself into the present and since you are the one closest to her she feels comfortable using this behavior with you. I know that this is not an excuse for her behavior. Go to her (on a good day, timing is everything) and explain how her treatment makes you feel (even tho i know it is hard for men to talk about their feelings sometimes) and tell her that whatever it is she is maybe dealing with (whether it is your not contributing or past stuff or mid-life stuff, whatever it is) you are always there to listen but that there is no excuse for disrespect. You can ask her specifically what she expects from you b/c you really do want to ';be there';. And visa versa. My husband and i have been to counselors and they all say the same thing. It has helped us. I was the sarcastic nag. I am getting better. I have past issues that my hubby didn't understand and i am insecure. I hope that this helps.
Maybe she doesn't realize that she's acting this way. She probably didn't always act like this or else you wouldn't have married her right? You have to try and find out the underlying cause of her attitude. Maybe you're doing something that is causing her to be annoyed with you. Just open a dialogue with her and ask her what her problem is. It might be an eye opener for you. Good luck!
I think that your girlfriend and my boyfriend should get together and make eachother as miserable as they make us!!!

It's called mental and emotional abuse. I cant tell you go dump her *** because i havent dumbed my boyfriends ***...

So as time will come you will come to your sences and one day tell yourself that your better than that, and leave .
And you've been taking this how long??? And your radar wasn't on before you married the lady??? And you two aren't in counseling.... what ARE you thinking??
let her fend for herself....maybe then she will appreciate you
Ever hear of borderline personality disorder? Also, there are other disorders that drive people to continue to unleash chaos and terror - even after walking out or being walked-out on.

Check the source - it wouldn't shock me to find you saying ';Holy crap! That's what mine is like - exactly!';

There are plenty of resources to assist in helping shield him and his loved ones (namely, you) from the horror that a psycho ex-wife can unleash upon you. Really, check it out.

You better pray she doesn't have BPD or NPD. They don't just ';go away.';
It's either accept her or leave her.
someone who acts like that usually has personal hang ups that they themselves cannot address. see if she is willing to go to therapy. alot of times folks use sarcasm, loaded questions and mean remarks to combat internal troubles and they get so use to being that way after some time (especially if the issue is not addressed) - they don't know how to act. i recommend therapy
Why are you putting up with it,don't tell us tell your ********* of a wife how you feel about her. As long as you let her come at you like that then she will. ';Give me an inch and I'll take a mile';
I have a friend that was in your situation for 18 years.. now he is divorcing.
Tell her how you feel. She is likely acting this way because she has some need that is not being met. Ask her what this need is. There is no point in trying to guess. That way, you can meet it and she can stop being so passive aggresive.
Tell her how you feel.
Tell her to find herself to TRY and find someone else if she doesn't like the way you do things. You have to stand up for yourself and stop taking this abuse.
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