Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to deal with Bitchy Wife ?

My wife of 23 years of marriage is becoming plain bitchy. I dont know how to deal with her. Her favorite past time is abusing my married sisters/my family members and spreads this hatred amongst my children too. I dont know what to do, she is shameless fool.How to deal with Bitchy Wife ?
If u don't like her throw her out.

If you like her and yet she is so and you just want her behaviour change make her busy ,in work or job of her interest..

Non busy person becomes devils friend.

You need to start from your side first,by saying her a ***** (even though if she might be)How to deal with Bitchy Wife ?
She seems to have too much time on her hands and has found a way to occupy it. Unfortunately it is detrimental to your family, You need to have a heart to heart talk with her and let her know that her behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Then you need to start calling everyone in your family and let them know what you have done. It may take that they ignore her, don't answer the phone if she calls, answer the door if she stops by, and don't visit her. This includes your children too. If you explain to them why you are asking them to avoid contact with her, I am sure they will understand. Once she realizes she has no one to manipulate or tell lies about she may change her ways. If not, then you have to make a decision on whether you want to continue living with a bitter person. She will only drain the life out of you. Good luck.
1.A friend who has lived with his spouse whose middle name is 'nagging' for seven years asked me for advice on what he should do. He said he was tied of being with her. His happiness turns to sorrow anytime he enters his home. The wife has turned their home into a battle ground. They've been together for that long without an issue. The woman nags so much that he has started drinking excessively and staying out late which I believe is not good for either of them. I adviced him to try as much as he can without involving any third party in talking to her. He told me that he has done everything humanly possible but to no avail.

Recently he started dating a girl. So what do you think about that?

2.Even the bible says it's better to sleep on the roof of your house than to live with a nagging woman. Personally, I think I'll just go and jump into the lagoon if my wife turns out to be a nag. Because I'd need to have continuous peace and tranquility at home.

On the other hand, what is divorce for? I know it's not easy, but I'll do it in the case of a nagging wife. I don't want to die young and I cannot tolerate continuous sorrow in my life due to one some woman whose mouth happens to run like Ben Johnson!

3.If as a man, you cant deliver your wife of her nagging spirit, then you have a problem yourself. - Two people need to be delivered here!

On a more serious note, everyman must learn to understand their wife in totality. Its a shame that most men only try to understand them in bed alone. I am sure no woman enjoys being referred to as a nag. I am also certain that a woman does not wake up one morning only to find herself a nag! It is usually as a result of accumulated unresolved issues.

Why wouldnt the guy do what he says he'd do and why must he wait until the woman reminds him about what he promised to do the day before? { Knowing her incessant nature}

As a man, it is your utter responsibility to understand your woman and also able to manage her weaknesses. Divorce is not the answer here. Seeking the option of divorce only shows you are a failure.
Becoming bitchy after 23 years. She surely must have seen much in life. The word used itself speaks volumes. Take some time off to understand what has led to this situation.The old dictim works even today: if you point one finger towards others four would would point towards you.

I am not sure whether any wings were clipped etc etc. Give a benefit of doubt and try to make certain changes in your life. Change your perception. rest would take care of. If your relationship with your wife improves rest would follow. Remember every person can take care of themselves. So we need to first repair our attitude, perception and relationships with people who matter. Once that is clear then you can see the bottom of the sea. If you can remove the dirt well and good other wise shift and move on.
And I suppose you have no part in this at all? Ask yourself where you have screwed up? We only have one side of the story here and I am not willing to believe any of it...

You sound like you're more of a shameless fool than she is, and using language like you have here, I wonder whether there is more to this that meets the eye and it primarily revolves around YOUR issues?
I bet it has a LOT to do with you. She is probably unhappy in the marriage, women who were not bitches to begin with (which I assume she wasn't if you married her) that become bitches have a reason.. I am A HUGE ***** I'll admit to my husband and it is because I am miserable being with him but to ashamed to admit I made a mistake. Leave her.
u r a dog to call ur wife a *****. how horrible can u be. why not sit and talk to her why she thinks so of ur family members. it is a shame u use such disgusting words even if u have it in ur mind ur actions show ur wife u don't care and in turn she has a negative attitude towards ur entire family. remember ur wife is ur family love her understand her respect her then u will gain respect in turn
She is your wife .Don't you have shame to think like this way.There may be any justified reason for all that.If at all you have taken interest in her problems she is sharing all this stuff with your kids.Now they are her good friends and companions.If you really feel bad for all that she is doing you take responsibility of all her grievances and problems.Try to solve them as a team...I feel really bad for your wife ... She spent her 23 years with such a man.
have you ever heard the term ';self-fulfilling prophecy';?

if you think of her as bitchy, and she knows it, she will

only become more bitchy.

you have got to break the pattern, shake things up.

make a note of how you normally react when she gets bitchy.

then make sure you react in some completely different way.

it will break the cycle and create an environment for change.
Dump her...go find another at least that is they would say here in CA...sorry agian just vising India yahoo answering won't stay long.

Just kidding that is not what they would say. Find a counselor for her. There is a reason behind this. Something is upsetting her and this is how she is reacting/handling it. Find out confront her and deal with it. Ask her family for intervention.

Good Luck
Sometimes when something is bothering a woman..the best thing to do is to sit down with her alone no other people no distractions etc...Just let her know how she's acting and how that makes you feel and what you 2 can work on together to fix it!! This is what my husband and I do and it works!!! Good luck but just remember depending on her age it could be menopause and hormones.
Is she going through menopause, or some sort of hormonal changes? Ask her, or take her to a doctor. IF so, then the doc can give u advice on how to deal with her. U were with her this long, and if she just started the behavior, then this is most likely the key. But before u do all that, just try n ask her what her problem is. do it more tactful than I have stated it ok?
The bitchiness grew with your tolerance all these days. Difficult to stop now.

Negative response or strong positive response xcan invke respect.
Start going to church and reading the bible, she needs to be around Godly women. Just tell her you are ashamed of her.
That is such an awful word and you're disgusting for calling your wife that.
I agree with curious G
Uh 23 years and you don't get it?

Start drinking!!

the best way kick her *** out of ur house she'll understand her mistake

try it i 2 tried it

good luck

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